The McGary - Elliott Family
To Fill Out
the Family Form

Hello To All;
The form is designed to handle most typicaly sized famalies with 5 or less children, so if there are more than 5, we will have to make special use of some fields.
The ~Family Name~ is NOT the Last Name... It should be the name or greeting that would be used in a Post Mark (Letter)... something like ~Belinda and Talib Ashamee~
The ~Contact Name~ Is the actual Family Member unless the Spouse is the better contact for the Family Group.
The Address and other contact information should be the information that will BEST put us in contact with the Ffamily Head or Contact for the purpose of inter-family communication.
~E-Mails and Phones~ should be the ones that are currently used.
Dues, Accomodations and Transportation slots are for figuring and keeping track of who/where/how each group will be counted.

The Old Forms only have primary contact/Family information... which is connected to the children in the new form set so using the newer panels is actually best.
I still have some cleanup and flow issues BUT the data collected is for us all to use in contacting and keeping in touch.
Any questions about the data and forms, please contact me directly.

Online registration is the preferred method of but you can also mail or fax the form. Please call if you have any question.
Donations are always welcome to help defray reunion cost. We look forward to seeing you on July 4th!!


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